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Von Neuburg Standard Schnauzers

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Meet Bindi (AKA Canadian Champion Cortaillod Brindisi) !!!

Welcome to the first Canadian Standard Schnauzer Website on the web, we have had our site for over 15 years. In that time we are sad to tell you that we have lost our wonderful Maggie.. our first Standard Schnauzer.

I have been updating and surprised that I no longer have to write the HTML. These templates are Great, bear with me while we are under construction.

Maggie, aka Canadian American Champion Cortaillod Majorcia VonNeuburg was the dog that showed us how wonderful the breed is.  She was a part of our family for over 15 years.  

We showed her to her Canadian & American Championship in conformation.  She was also a St. Johns Ambulance Therapy Dog and we visited nursing homes.

We now share our home with Bindi, an amazing SS. Our family consists of Bindi and our other kids with 2 legs, just a few little girls to play with all the new puppies (age 10 & 12).  Not only will our pups be socialized with them but their friends as well, we live in a very active household with lots of happenings going on to get them used to the life in your home.

Bindi & her just born pups with her little helper

Bindi getting ready for the show ring

Thanks for visiting! Woof Woof.

Ralph & Sheila Neumann
Newmarket Ontario