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Von Neuburg Standard Schnauzers

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We are a family located in Newmarket, I grew up in North York and Ralph in Scarborough. We married and lived in the country and then knew we wanted a dog, our first dog ever.  Our new family member ended up being a Std. Schnauzer. Maggie and I did all sorts of fun an wonderful stuff, I showed her to both her Canadian and Americian Championship in confirmation, she was a St. Johns Ambulance therapy dog and we visited nursing homes. She kinda liked flyball?!. and was all around an amazing dog.  She loved her little sisters when they were born (2 legs) having never been exposed to kids, and lived into her old age dignified and very much loved.

With little girls and a few dogs in the house & working full time we moved away from the official doggy world while still loving our dogs (& kids) of course. Now our kids are older and we are back. Who would have thought it was my 10 yr old up with me ALL night helping deliver 9 puppies, Ok she was asleep from 9pm to 1am but what a great helper and no nap until 4pm the next day. The girls love their puppies and take great interest in our potential puppy owners, they are watching you!!!!

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Ralph & Sheila Neumann
Newmarket Ontario