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 Hi, My name is Maggie and I am a wonderful Standard Schnauzer (if I don't say so myself). My full name is Canadian Champion Cortaillod Majorca Von Neuburg Also know as the "Maggie Muffin" or sometimes when I am very mischievous the "Maggie Monster" but you can call me Maggie. I am just over 8 years old and I live in Bradford, Ontario Canada.

I am a Therapy Dog with St. Johns Ambulance. I go and visit with seniors in a local Nursing home. My Mom was so proud of me when I passed the test on the first try (you see they put me in a room with 10 other dogs and their owners and I hadn't even met them before and I wasn't allowed to bark at them, not even once! It was tough but I did it!) I love to go and visit I give lots of kisses and I get lots of attention (and treats too) the only thing is that I have to go for a bath just before I go (YUCK).

I am named after the Spanish Island of Majorca. My breeders' names are Clive & Mary Davies I was born on November 29, 1993 & I lived with them until I was 9 weeks old, then I went to my new home with Sheila & Ralph. I get to see Clive & Mary (my breeder Mom and Dad) often & I traveled all over the States with them. I also get to see my Schnauzer Mom - Maxi and my Schnauzer Dad - Harry and even my Schnauzer Grandmother - Fergie sometimes too.

One of my puppies Kasha is a Canadian Champion (I am very proud of her) her registered name is Canadian Chamption Cortaillod Akasha Von Neuburg she was born in March of 1996 and she now lives with a wonderful family in Toronto. I have had 3 litters of puppies with 8 wonderful puppies in the first 2 and a whopping 12 in the 3rd one. Two of the puppies from the last litter live with us. Their names are Panda - VonNeuburg Pandora and Calli - VonNeuburg Callisto, they were born on September 15, 98. Mom was showing Panda for a while and she did fantastic but with the new kids in the house they tearfully decided to place her in a wonderful home and keep only Calli who seemed to be the better "family dog" Panda won this huge ribbon and prize at the Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada's National Specialty in July 99. She Won BEST PUPPY IN SPECIALTY. Mom was so trilled since both Panda and Calli have natural ears (floppy) and it is harder to win as the judges still prefer the cropped look. All the other puppies went to great homes and I have seen almost all of them since they left to go to their new homes (especially Sadie who came all the way from NewBrunswick for our Fun Day in May). I love to see them again and so does Ralph and Sheila. We have a few regulars around here that come back for their summer vacations and March Break visits and when they come back they even get to lie on the couch and sometimes my Mom and Dad even take them out visiting with us.



If you would like to contact me here is my e-mail (she checks her e-mail more often than I do)