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Fun Stuff to do with your Standard Schnauzer

Von Neuburgs Annual Standard Schnauzer Fun Day/Pot Luck

Where: Bradford, Ontario CANADA

When: Sunday May 16th, 1999 10am to 2 pm

Why: A fun day to meet new and old Standard Schnauzer friends.

Who: Any caretakers of a Von Neuburg puppy, members of the Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada and anyone else that has a love of Standard Schnauzers.

Contact us at for info.

Booster show here in Bradford, Ontario at the Trio Kennel Club. Pot luck at our home after the show on Saturday August, 7/99. e-mail us for info.

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Dog Play
A great site that lists tons of activities to have fun with your dog. Remember ensure you are providing a fun and stimulating life for your Standard Schnauzer.

Sheila & Ralph Neumann
Von Neuburg Standard Schnauzers
R.R. #2 Stn. Main 3352 Line 11
Bradford, Ontario L3Z 2A5

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